Terms and conditions

 With the purchase of VERDI products, Customer declares to know and accept the following terms and conditions:




In the context of purchases of VERDI products to be shipped to countries other than Colombia, Customer declares to know and accept:


  1. That it is the Customer’s duty to provide complete information regarding the address to which the product(s) is(are) to be delivered in the country of destination, including the name of the country, city, region, area, street, building name and/or number, house or apartment number, tower number and any other information that may be necessary and relevant for delivery to be made correctly at the place of destination where it will be received by the Customer.

    For all purposes, VERDI and/or companies that are commissioned to make the delivery shall deem the information provided by Customer through the "Shipping Release" or any other form designated for such purposes to be true, complete and sufficient.

    VERDI and/or companies that are commissioned to make the delivery are not responsible for any situations resulting from errors, deficiencies and/or insufficiency of the information provided by the Customer for the delivery. Customer shall be responsible for the loss or any other effect on the products as a consequence of errors, deficiencies and/or insufficiency of the information provided by Customer for the delivery.


  1. For the shipment of products to countries other than Colombia, through the acceptance of these terms and conditions, Customer authorizes VERDI to take on its behalf, as representative or agent of Customer, directly or through a freight forwarding agency or customs broker, the necessary steps with the relevant entities or authorities of the country of origin, the country of destination and any other country through which the products must transit, in order to make the export, import and any other necessary formalities for delivery of the products at the place indicated by Customer.

    Customer declares to know that products that are to be sent to countries other than Colombia could be subject to taxes, customs requirements or costs regulated by the country of origin and/or destination.

    All costs associated with taxes, customs duties, brokerage costs, transportation, warehousing, and, in general, any costs incurred in connection with the shipment of products to countries other than Colombia shall be borne by Customer.

    The fact that VERDI estimates the costs or offers the service of paying these on behalf of the Customer, does not relieve Customer of its obligation and liability associated with their payment.

    In the event that VERDI, either directly or through a third party, pays any costs that are the responsibility of Customer, Customer agrees to refund these within five (5) days from VERDI's request.


  1. Customer agrees to provide the necessary documents or information, as required by VERDI or the authorities, for the dispatch of products to countries other than Colombia. Customer declares to know and accept that inaccurate or false information could lead to the imposition of sanctions that might include seizure of the goods.


  1. Customer may choose to perform, on its own and without the intervention of VERDI, the procedures for shipment of products to countries other than Colombia. In those cases, Customer will communicate this expressly and in writing to VERDI. In the event that there is no communication in this regard, it will be understood that Customer has chosen to make the arrangements through VERDI.

    Any purchase and sale of VERDI's products that implies that these (the products) are to be sent to countries other than Colombia will be understood as made under Incoterm DPU, DDP, or EXW (Ex Works-Incoterms CCI-2020), even when VERDI cooperates with Customer in the terms of paragraph 2 of these terms and conditions. In that sense, the product will be understood as delivered at VERDI's factory located at Carrera 69p #78-67, Bogotá in the city of Bogota, Colombia.


  1. The delivery dates of the product from the country of origin and at the place of destination, announced or communicated by VERDI to Customer, will be considered estimates and not certain dates. In this regard, VERDI shall have no liability for delays or late deliveries.


  1. Customer declares to understand and agree that VERDI will not be liable for delays in delivery or damage to products when these result from events considered force majeure or acts of God, such as, without limitation, restrictions and difficulties in shipping and transportation of products in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic; strikes, commercial and transportation stoppages, among others. Likewise, VERDI will not be liable for costs associated with product storage and disposal.


  1. In those cases where Customer chooses to make the shipment to the country of destination through or with the intervention of VERDI, delivery of the products will be made only through the main entrances of buildings. VERDI or the companies designated for delivery shall not be required to deliver through windows, balconies or any type of access other than the main one or involving maneuvers outside the normal delivery logistics.

    Customer shall be responsible for and shall be required to resolve any issues associated with the impossibility of delivering the product through the main entrance to the building. Thus, in the event that the Customer does not provide a solution to the situation that prevents delivery through the main access to the building, such as, without limitation, hoisting through windows, carrying up staircases, in small elevators, etc., that do not fit the dimensions of the product purchased by Customer, VERDI or the company will only be required to deposit the products in a warehouse or storage room, the costs of which shall be borne by Customer.


  1. In the event that the product(s) cannot be delivered for reasons attributable to Customer, Customer shall bear the storage costs incurred. VERDI will not be required to schedule a new shipment if the storage costs have not been paid.


  1. VERDI shall not be required to deliver or ship any product until full payment has been made of the purchase order placed by Customer. Payment will be considered made once Customer sends the supporting document and once the money is credited to the account indicated by VERDI for payment.

    If, after placing a purchase order for a product for which the right of withdrawal does not apply, Customer cancels the order in whole or in part, the following rules shall apply: (i) VERDI will not refund the amounts paid by Customer and (ii) If the cancellation occurs after more than 8 weeks in relation to interior design pieces, Customer will be obliged to pay 100% of the price of the products subject to cancellation.




  1. The warranty policy for products purchased from VERDI will be subject, if applicable, to the guidelines of Law 1480 of 2011 of Colombia and the rules that may amend, supplement or regulate it.


  1. When quality defects are found in the products, Customer may submit a written request claiming the warranty, addressed to VERDI, indicating the product data and attaching the invoice, and including photographic or filmic evidence of the damage or defect for which Customer wishes to enforce the warranty, through the following means in order to obtain a filing number for the request: (i) By e-mail to the following address: cliente@verdi.com.co. (ii) By calling +57 (350) 811-2884. VERDI mats and backpacks come with a 1-year warranty.


  1. Claims must be submitted within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of the product, under penalty of expiration of the warranty.


  1. Upon receipt of a request, VERDI will proceed to review it, and will inform Customer via email within five (5) business days if the change or warranty is admissible. The warranty will not be admitted when the product has been subject to improper use by Customer and when Customer has not observed the recommendations for use or maintenance indicated by VERDI.


  1. Due to the handcrafted nature of the products marketed by VERDI, the procedure of dispatching a product under warranty will be carried out within an estimated period of: (i) 30 business days for fashion pieces and/or (ii) 10 weeks for interior design pieces.


  1. Due to the handcrafted process and the irregularity of our materials, plus the fact that these are customized products, it is possible that there may be slight variations in the color, dimensions (up to 7cm), and/or structure of the pieces. Please note that due to our handcrafted dyeing process, final colors may vary slightly. These small irregularities are characteristic of this craft and are not considered a defect.


  1. VERDI suggests keeping the original packaging and PVC tube until Customer is certain that everything is in order with the piece.


  1. If Customer returns the VERDI product from any international destination, VERDI will not assume ownership of the returned product until it is received and inspected at the return address located at 69p #78-67 in the city of Bogota, Colombia. The piece will be sent back to the same address from which it was sent.


  1. In case of return under warranty, VERDI will bear the cost of shipping. In the event that Customer is making the return of their own free will, Customer will be responsible for shipping and associated costs.


  1. By signing this document, I expressly, voluntarily and informedly authorize VERDI DESIGN S.A.S., with NIT. - 900641188-0, to collect, store and use the information provided or generated in the course of a business relationship in accordance with its data processing policies and, in particular, but not exclusively, for the following purposes: (i) as an element of analysis to establish and maintain a contractual relationship and to conduct market studies or commercial or statistical research, (ii) as a tool for offering products or services of its own or third parties, which includes sending mailings offering products, sending text messages and sending physical catalogs. By signing this document, Customer declares to have been clearly and expressly informed of the following: (i) the processing to which personal data will be subjected and the purpose of such processing; (ii) the optional nature of the answer to the questions asked when they deal with sensitive data or with data of children and adolescents; (iii) the rights to which Customer is entitled as data subject; and (iv) the identification, physical or electronic address and telephone number of the Data Controller.

    Note: In case the purchase is made through non-face-to-face means, these commercial terms shall be understood as unequivocally accepted by Customer with the purchase order.